Work Experience Sparks Civil Engineering Advocate

Connor Boothroyd recently came to KMI for a week’s work experience from Caldy Grammar School.  Here is his interesting take on life at KMI and beyond.

I am currently 16 and in the process of completing my A-levels at school. After this I am looking at going to study Civil Engineering at university and then hoping to go into a career in this industry.

I have always been interested and excited about a career in engineering as a whole. However as I come closer to the decision of choosing the university and the course I would like to do I have started to look at all the different options in engineering. As I have been doing this, Civil Engineering is one that has really caught my eye.

I like the look of civil engineering because I believe it is something that I would really enjoy, in both the design and the on-site work. The reason for this is that I have always enjoyed making things and working out how structures work, how they are stable and problem solving. As I have been looking, it looks like these are some of the tasks I would be undertaking if I were to go into a career in civil engineering.

After expressing an interest in this field I managed to get a week’s work experience with KMI. During this week I was on site learning about Water treatment, waste water management and waste water storage. I have visited six sites with KMI and had a different experience on each site. On every site I have been introduced to many different people who have explained all the different things that they do, how they do it and how it all works. I also went to a behavioural safety hub day on the Thursday which was very interesting learning about how the mind and body works.

Across the week I feel the best bit was talking to lots of different people about how they have made it into the industry and what the best path is to take into the industry. 

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